• 14.03.14 // Introducing Rawaan

    It's with much excitement that we introduce you to the ravishing vision that is before your eyes! This is the delightful and very talented Rawaan Alkhatib.  
    Rawaan is a writer, illustrator and editor who lives in Brooklyn, NY. She was born and raised in Dubai and is quite the dynamo. She is also an extremely accomplished painter, designer, marvellous cook & has a masters of Fine Arts in Poetry. 

    Rawaan reached out to us with an email last August to introduce us to her work. At one glance, we were smitten! 

      We love her fun, expressive illustrations and vibrant use of colour and patterns in her work. Her range of silk scarves are to die for. Here's a little taste...

    In addition to her scarves, she has created a small collection of jewellery, stationery & curios. Below are her Pizza Party earrings!! Impossibly cute & scrumptious looking. All of a sudden I am craving a big slice of 99c NY pizza! 

    Since that first introduction, we've stayed in touch and were lucky enough to share a meal whilst in New York. The conversation inevitably led to collaborative projects & we have now formulated a BEAUTIFUL plan! 

    It is with much excitement that we announce that Rawaan will be the second artist in our
    Such Great Heights 'Artists series' & we are just delighted.  
    Work has commenced & we can't wait to share the finished product with you in the near future!

    To see more of Rawaan's work, head on over to her shop at 
    http://shop.rawaan-alkhatib.com but don't say we didn't warn you! 

     x Ryan & Jo 

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