• 31.05.14 // Hooray USA! Free shipping and Giveaway

    Oh boy... Sequins, bubblegum pink, tutu's, twirls, glitter.... It's a little girls paradise!

    This photo shoot was a blast. Dear little Grace had a ball doing her thing in front of the camera... until we had some creative differences. Cue the tear stained cheek shot! She's even beautiful when she's cross :) 
    When it was all over, our studio looked like the abandoned set of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. We are still finding glitter EVERYWHERE in the most unlikely of places... in bedding, inside gumboots, in the swimming bag .... Seriously? How does that even happen?!!
    This campaign celebrates the availability of our American Maple Clothes Racks internationally. The racks have reached our US based warehouse and are itching to find new homes!
    If you are new to the Such Great Heights Clothes Racks, here's a little info about them...
    Our hand finished hardwood Clothes Racks are strong, they pack flat, and assembly is straightforward. Their clean, modern aesthetic makes them a welcome addition to any bedroom, playroom, learning setting or retail store… Display their prettiest dresses, organise all their costumes, hang their art smock and library bag… Tell us how you'd use yours?
    Don't forget, you can turn your Clothes Rack into a Wonder Tent with the addition of the Conversion Kit and a canvas canopy. This simple accessory doubles the functionality of the beautiful timber frame. A great example of design duality!
    To celebrate this huge milestone, we have 3 Clothes Racks to GIVE AWAY! Simply 'like' us on Facebook and/or 'follow' us on Instagram @suchgreatheights_kids and leave a comment here on our blog post telling us how & where you would use your Clothes Rack. Do this before the clock strikes midnight on Sunday 8th June, and a beautiful Clothes Rack could be yours!
    If you think that's good, it gets even better...
    We are offering FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE on the Natural American Maple Clothes Rack for a short time. 
    Gah!! Get onto it!
    Ryan & Jo x 
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      Thank you all so very much for entering the Clothes Rack giveaway! We loved reading all of your comments & were overwhelmed by your inventive ideas and enthusiasm. Because we are such softies, we have decided to giveaway FOUR Clothes Racks instead of three!

      Read on (in the comments below) for the lucky winners names. For everyone else who went to the trouble of entering, please check your inbox later in the day for a little something special! x Ryan & Jo

      Lucia Selex – Australia:
      Daisy is baby number 7. Fair to say that I do not have any space to put her clothes!! One of your beautiful clothes racks would be a blessing (as was she!!!!) xx

      Claire Hall – Ireland:
      Love this rail! It’s so hard to find a cute kids clothing rail. I need this to hang all my daughters beautiful clothes on because they are too good to hide away in her closet! Love this product I know this clothes rail would love to visit Ireland, hehe! Fingers crossed! X

      Natalie – UK:
      We discovered Such Great Heights, their tents and racks a true delight, returned to England made baby two, moved house to make some room for you!
      Now the nursery has some space, it yearns for something on which to place, trinkets, treasures tailored to meet the needs of someone small & sweet.
      Send some magic to our shores, we’ll empty out the chest of drawers. create a window into the world of Such Great Heights for our boy or girl (….we’ll find out in 8 weeks!)

      Marissa Lewis – USA:
      Superman, Spiderman, The Hulk, and any other superhero costume would be hung up on this rack waiting for my son to dress up & save the day! I could see this converted into a tent, sitting on the sandy beaches of FL where I reside with a love for water/sun/fresh air little boy! We would have indoor camping nights, and so much more. I truly love this and it’s versatility!

      Posted: 11.06.14


    • This photo shoot looks like so much fun!! We are gliiterholics too! I love the idea of putting my little gals outrageously fluffy dresses on show and love the wonder tent too. Following on fb and Instagram.

      Posted: 10.06.14

      Posted by: Lauren Kite

    • What a beautiful photo shoot. I love your products and the finesse in everything you produce. I’m a big fan!!

      Posted: 10.06.14

      Posted by: Ashley Evans

    • I love this clothing rack! It is beyond beautiful! It would make the perfect addition to my daughter’s new pink, gold, and white playroom. It is perfect for displaying all of her adorable dress up clothes and tutus!!!

      Posted: 10.06.14

      Posted by: Trish

    • I LOVE these racks!!! We would be so excited to have one!! My daughter would just love it! Congrats on having a great product!

      Posted: 10.06.14

      Posted by: Dina

    • This amazing clothing rack would be perfect in my classroom. As a preschool teacher, my students would appreciate it for their dress up corner full of princess dresses, super hero costumes, and various occupational clothing and accessories. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but would give the children a chance to use their imagination with all the possibilities it provides!! I would love to showcase this to my students.

      Posted: 10.06.14

      Posted by: Christina

    • These racks are absolutely beautiful and I would love to use them for my boutique. I will need at least one for home too because my son loves building “forks” right now. I’m so excited to order these!

      Posted: 10.06.14

      Posted by: April

    • I would use this lovely clothes rack in my sweet ten year olds room to hang her dress up clothes which she (and I) love to proudly display! Here, Here to being young at heart!! I just love multi-functional items and have been a follower of yours on Insta for some time now! Xo!

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Noel

    • My son loves fashion, and loves dressing up, but his closet is way to small for all of his clothes! We need this to not only add hanging clothes space, but also to dress up the room and make it look more fashionable!

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Robin Barnette

    • I would use this in my sons room for all of his stylish outfits! Since I’m going for a simple but stylish look for his room this clothing rack is perfect, because it is just that! All of the products are amazing and I would love to win, and even purchase some!

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Cheston

    • This would make my babe’s room complete! Oh how I would love to win! Between the glitter and love displayed on your awesome blog, I just know it is a perfect mat h :)

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Lexi Franco

    • What an amazing product! My daughter is such a girly girl & always has mommy going to her closet to reach for her pretty tutu du monde dresses. This would make her life so much better by being able to display her favorites & grabbing them whenever she pleases. Happy baby = happy mommy! ;)

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Malisa Mac nab

    • We would love this for our girls playroom! The oldest is about to turn four and the youngest almost two, already we need to upgrade their bursting at the seems dress up basket! This would be PERFECT! Fingers crossed and congratulations on your milestone SGH, we have followed for a long time. Kristy

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Kristy

    • Fell in love with your goodies at last years’ finders keepers markets and ordered a rack for my kiddo- in the dark wood stain! Nothing but compliments from all who see his room. Congrats on blowing up so good here and overseas

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Courtney

    • We would have the clothes rack in our living room so my 1 year old  daughter and I could hang our winter coats on that we wear on our morning walks, also my scarves which my daughter loves playing with, either by putting them around her neck and walking around the house or playing peek-a-boo. On rainy afternoons we could convert the clothes rack into a tent and play tea parties with all her toys!

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Myra

    • I have been admiring these for a while. My little girl would love this in her room to arrange her favourite things and we could use it to hang her clothes for the next day to hopefully avoid our usual what to wear morning negotiations! She does love a tutu for a casual morning visit to the park. Congratulations on your expansion into the USA.

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Edwina Elizabeth

    • My little princess would love to be spoiled by SGH… Dare to dream :) xxx

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Isobel

    • My daughter Isobel has many beautiful pieces of clothing and they’re sitting in her wardrobe unseen. What better way to display them with other than your beautiful Clothes Rack – one of a kind, absolutely gorgeous and so chic. We would love to win this- it will look so pretty in Isobel’s bedroom!

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Amiza Trebilco

    • I wish I had designed this product! I’ve been coveting the clothes rack & wonder tent since my baby girl Olive was born 12 weeks ago. She shares a room with her 4yr old brother Tadhg which has no built in storage and only a chest of drawers. I was looking for a way to display the gorgeous clothes she has been given and love the idea of converting it to a tent for indoor camp outs with Tadhg. As a minimalist, lover of multi functional products and renter, I think it’s just perfection.

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Nell

    • SUCH GREAT HEIGHTS…… the name says it all. It’s simply lovely when something as amazing as a wonder tent grows with a little princess to then house tutus to diva dresses to what ever her heart desires. A piece to then keep for another little someone just as special as she :-)

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: LEAH HOARE

    • We love our sgh tent and a clothes rack would be the perfect addition to Henry’s room! (And mum might steal it for markets!)

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Jess

    • These are so so so cute!!! I love your tents and the clothes rack…I’d need two so I can have both in the house ;). I think I would put the rack in my son’s bedroom and hang his dress-up clothes on it as well as maybe some of his cutest clothes…think fox costume, dinosaur hoodie, superhero outfits and masks. Oh what fun!!

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Allie

    • Firstly, what a gorgeous photo shoot! So much glitter! I don’t have any little little people but I think it would still be a beautiful piece for Lili to use for hanging bags, scarves & other teen treasures. You guys are just making stunning things, so thank you …

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Paige

    • SGH, your products are beyond cool. I’ve been coveting the wonder tents for some time now! If we won, the clothes rack would be in my little girls room, to display those outfits that are just too pretty to hide in the cupboard. Plus some fun dress up gear too! You guys rock.

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Carla

    • Love your work!

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Paula

    • What an amazing prize to win. I have 2 amazing little girls who absolutely love to dress up in tulle almost everyday. I would loooooooove to showcase this in my 4 year old Dakotas room with all their beautiful pieces, as your racks are just so beautiful to look at. Please please please pick me x

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Rayleene irvine

    • I’m not sure who would get the rack, if I win: a 10 year old or a 3 months old. The younger one seems to need it more with all the outfits she owns. Anyway, they could share!

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Monika Kelly

    • What a fabulous name for your company as what you create really does allow children’s imaginations to soar to ‘such great heights’. If I won this clothes rack I would use it in my daughters play area as a source of endless fun, creativity, imaginations and of course practical storage purposes. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and the opportunity to win one.

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Lauren

    • The second I layed my eyes on one of your clothing racks I knew i had to search for you on Instagram. I adore these racks! I would use the rack to display my daughters prettiest dresses. But of course we would have to turn it into a tent when she is playing house with her brother. She loves to get dressed up and he will soon her around and around. Pretending they are mummy and daddy. And with one of these tents they can finally have a little play house too!

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Michele

    • I’m desperate to get my hands on one of these! Not only would my three kids LOVE to use it as a tent but I NEED something beautiful to display my baby girls dresses on. She is yet to get her own room so is in a nook of our room, this means her stunning dresses (which cost more than mine!) are hidden away in a draw :( one of these would be perfect to hang her clothes on and convert for afternoons of fun!

      Posted: 09.06.14

      Posted by: Bec Moult

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