• 28.07.14 // Artist Series No. 2 - Sun Catchers

    It is with delight that we bring you our latest offering in our Artist Series
    SUN CATCHERS in Australian Flora and Fauna

    This beautiful duo of artworks is the result of 6 months of collaboration with Brooklyn based artist, Rawaan Alkhatib. Last year we were introduced to Rawaan's work and fell in love with her vibrant fun style and beautiful detailing. In February this year, we discussed plans for a collaboration over an amazing meal in Manhattan during our trip to NYC. It was then that we discovered that we both shared a passion for Australian culture, Rawaan having lived in our fair country for a short time in her 20's. A plan was hatched! We asked her to draw two scenes that celebrate the beauty of Australiana. More specifically, one of Australian Flora, and one of Australian Fauna. And my oh my, did she deliver!

    The intricacy of Rawaan's illustrations and her application of colour took our breath away, and lent itself perfectly to our vision - put the art on glass and let the sun stream through.  
    We want to capture the attention of children; to draw them into the scene, to encourage them to look outside and connect with their environment, and to learn and dream about and the world around them.
    The decal is made of electrostatic film and feels soft and well weighted, it provides a really lovely tactile experience that somehow is quite nostalgic! There are no adhesives unlike a sticker, so the decal can be re-positioned again and again.

    Adorn your child's window with a Such Great Heights x Rawaan Alkhatib Sun Catcher and see how it draws them into the scene and beyond. And if you're handy with the camera, take a shot of the view from your part of the world through your Sun Catcher. We would love to create a community of little dreamers, post the pics on our website and unite children from all over the globe! Just hashtag #sghsuncatchers and tag us @suchgreatheights_kids. Alternatively, email us the image/s suncatchers@suchgreatheights.com
    Each month we will award a prize to the best entry… hooray!

    We are tremendously proud of this product. It is important to us to create unique and original work that truly speaks to children. Huge thanks to Rawaan for helping us to inspire all the little dreamers. 

    All photography by Ryan O'Connor, Jo Fahy & Rawaan Alkhatib
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