• 06.11.14 // Behold the beauty of the Adventure Cape!

    The story behind this beautiful garment dates back to when we launched Such Great Heights in 2012. Jo drafted up a pattern for a simple, reversible play cape, made with style and children's safety in mind (light press studs for the neck closure will pop open easily in the event of the cape being pulled backwards). She lovingly sewed them at the kitchen table in the wee hours when the children were tucked into bed. Made from lush red cotton velveteen, they draped so beautifully and had the most amazing sheen in the light. The printed cotton fabrics that line the cape were sourced from Jo's favourite local fabric shops. As time went on, the demand for them crept higher and higher, and keeping up became a challenge, especially as we had no control over when a particular fabric would be discontinued.

    We received so much feedback from dear customers telling us how much they adored them, and asking when they could buy more. It gave us the impetus to create our own unique fabric design to line this beautiful piece. This would then truly make it 100% our own, and would also allow us to have control over the printing of the fabric - on selecting the perfect  base cloth, creating the perfect palette, how much fabric we needed, and when we wanted to print more. 

    We turned to our friend, Brooklyn based illustrator, Rawaan Alkhatib, and commissioned the artwork that we now call 'Wildflowers'. This incredibly detailed illustration featuring Australian flora, was printed on the softest of cottons, and sewn into these beautiful capes by our team of amazing sewers in the USA. We are thrilled to have them back on the market, and to offer them as a wholesale product to retail stores.

    Next, it was time to dream up a photo shoot (Jo on styling & Ryan on the camera). Easily one of our favourite parts of the whole process!! We envisaged a long haired beauty to showcase the cape in all it's glory, with long hair cascading over her shoulders and into the folds of the velveteen. And miraculously, via the power of social media, we found the girl of our dreams!! Introducing the heavenly daughters of fellow Australian business owner, Jo of Little Village Handmade (www.littlevillagehandmade.com.au). We can't even explain how divine these girls are, their gentle temperament and amazing appearance gave them an almost ethereal quality, as though they walked amongst us as angels.  We'll be eternally grateful for the lengths that this gorgeous family went to to be part of this project, flying halfway across the country to spend the day with us. Truly blessed!! 

    To purchase one of our gorgeous Adventure Capes, please head to our online store HERE...

    We do hope you love these images, just as we do x
    Photography by Ryan O'Connor and styling by Jo Fahy, owners of Such Great Heights.
    Floral crowns by the remarkably talented Sally of Poppies Flowers.
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