• 16.05.16 // Introducing the Nostalgia Collection

    Such Great Heights Nostalgia Collection

    "Nostalgia - it's a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone - a feeling of a place where we ache to go again". 

    Such Great Heights proudly introduces 'The Nostalgia Collection'. The 5 piece timber toy range has been designed in appreciation of the authentic shapes and superior craftsmanship of toys from simpler times. A nod to the familiar classics, with a light, modern reinterpretation for today's children. Contemporary colours and unexpected textures are cleverly woven through the story to bring continuity to this distinctive keepsake collection.

    Meet the characters of the Nostalgia Collection;

    The Florence dolls cot - inspired by the heroic nurses of modern day and of those from yesteryear.
    Such Great Heights The Nostalgia Collection

    The Gretel dolls high chair - Elegant, graceful and genteel, she makes feeding dolly a pleasure.
    Such Great Heights the Nostalgia Collection

    The George truck - Is solid, strong, and noble. Like a true workhorse, he will dependably wheel your treasures around for many generations.
    Such Great Heights the Nostalgia Collection

    Humpty - is a charming fellow with a tendency for getting himself in a scramble!
    Such Great Heights the Nostalgia Collection
    Such Great Heights the Nostalgia Collection

    Roger rattlesnake - this friendly chap likes to slither around and make interesting shapes with his body and has a clever trick... His tail really rattles!
    Such Great Heights the Nostalgia Collection

    These simple, timeless pieces have been designed to draw children to rich, enduring imaginative play. Adults too will appreciate the sophisticated and sentimental aesthetic of the range and display them with pride in their homes - no need to hide these away behind cupboard doors when the visitors arrive!

    Designed and photographed by Such Great Heights and made traditionally by hand in a community based workshop on South Australia's Fleurieu Peninsula. Built robustly for the rigors of childhood play. These timber toys will be treasured not only by today's children, but by the next generation.

    The Nostalgia Collection is available exclusively online at www.suchgreatheights.com 

    Always, for the dreamers xx

    * Nostalgia quote by Don Draper of Mad Men 

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