• 02.03.15 // I love a sunburnt country

    As the eve of our journey from Australia to the Northern Hemisphere draws near, it tugs on our heart strings to share these precious images of our hometown. They are a collection of images from a product shoot we orchestrated late last year with a team of local families in one of our favourite coastal spots, Second Valley, SA. The whole experience was such a memorable adventure. We want to tell you a little story about how it played out.

    Our family travelled to the beach town a day early. Much to the delight of the girls, we hired a dilapidated on site van straight out of the 1960s in the caravan park and unloaded the car. The afternoon was spent wandering around the stunning bay and headland location scouting and planning the shoot. By coincidence, it was October 31st, and that night the girls had their first real Halloween experience. They got dressed up in costumes that we loaned from a local artist for the shoot. Rallying together with all the other kids in the park, they walked the circuit trick or treating. They soon found all the caravans and cabins with occupants kind enough to join in the fun and dish out the treats! With a belly full of Ghost Drops and Fantales, we slept and prayed for good weather in the morning.

    Dawn broke and it was cool and overcast. Occasional glimpses of sun gave us hope that if we were patient, we'd get some good light. Meanwhile, the three families who'd volunteered to participate were making their way to the meeting spot and there we found them, children spilling out of cars, one by one. A hint of trepidation alongside the curiosisty on their sleepy faces. These were not seasoned models, none had prior experience in this role. This was a deliberate choice we made.  

    It's such a big responsibility, hosting a photo shoot with children and their families who are not familiar to us. The nature of the event dictates that you have to work quickly with the children, watching the light, considering which shots we need and where, and working to optimise engagement from the kids. But more importantly than anything else, we are acutely aware that our primary role is to hold the feelings of the children and their families. We want them to enjoy the experience, and be rewarded for being brave enough to follow us on an unknown path.  Gaining their trust so they might feel secure and safe enough to just be themselves and truly get lost in play against the incredible natural backdrop. When you achieve this, that's when you catch the moments of true beauty.

    The morning was chaotic and beautiful, authentic and overwhelming. This is what it's all about for us, being able to orchestrate creative projects and make meaningful connections with people along the way.

    We can't thank these remarkable children and their incredible parents enough for their time, energy, enthusiasm and trust xxxx

    Here are a few behind the scenes shots of the day… 

    Here are some shots from behind the scenes...

    Location scouting & sharing ideas

    Vampire bat and a koala… Sisters trick or treating in the Second Valley Caravan Park. 

    Shoot day.The adventure begins!

    Little legends! New friends, bonding over their shared experience :)

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