• 12.03.15 // Adelaide to New York Pt 3

    6 days in and we find ourselves really settling in to the pace of cruise life. We've finally figured out the layout of this huge ship and can navigate it's decks with ease.
    At the outset of the trip, the girls were edgy at times. They enjoyed the activities, but with it all being so unfamiliar, they found the transitions between events, mealtimes and bedtimes hard. Thank god our very sweet, very elderly cabin neighbours are almost deaf ;) But as the days have gone on, they've become familiar with the routine and are now happier, calmer and really enjoying themselves. 
    We spent the day in the sweetest little village yesterday, called Akaroa. It is so incredibly picturesque, and has a really lovely, welcoming vibe. We romanticised about living there one day. 

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