• 03.07.15 // Road trippin'

    'West Virginia, Mountain Momma, take me home, country roads'.

    That time, last Spring, when we took the family on a road trip down south, and stumbled across this incredible golden field. Naturally, we pulled over and stumbled out of the car, eager to stretch our legs and explore this incredible sight. The girls ran through the long grass, laughing with delight as they ran their fingers across the flowers and ducked down to hide in the field. I trailed after them, taking photos, not noticing that Ryan's eyes were suddenly drawn back to the road to a huge truck screeching to a halt by the field.

    'Innocent folk, just taking photos!' we begged the state penitentiary officer as he strode across the field, gun in holster, curtly informing us that we were trespassing on state land that belonged to the correctional facility.

    Aha. So that's what those buildings were.

    Yikes! Risking life and limb for a good shot. 


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