• 09.07.15 // Being in New York - Spring time

    Time, please, slow down for just a minute!

    I truly can't believe we've reached July already. That means we are heading in to our 5th month since our family set sail from Australia on this journey to America... Impossible! So much has happened in that space of time. When I take a second to reflect on it, the journey in reverse looks like a giddy, wonderful whirlwind of inspiration, of culture, of soaking up the new, and forming relationships. It's been mostly marvellous, with a handful of challenges thrown in for good measure :)

    So. NYC. You might wonder why we chose New York as our destination. What's the big deal about New York, one might say. Hmmmm. Where do I begin?

    My love affair with the Big Apple began when I first travelled to New York City with girlfriends from high school at the age of 18. Just babes we were! We instantly fell under the spell of this intoxicating, heady city. There is so much to love about it - growing up on a steady stream of American books, tv shows and films set in New York, everything feels and looks so familiar and exciting! It was clear we were in the most exciting place in the world. We had a ball, and of course burnt through our spending money, meant to last us 3 months, in the space of 10 days! 

    Ryan and I have always dreamt of a good reason to come back and within 2 years of launching our business, we engineered the perfect opportunity. Being here has allowed us to work alongside our makers to launch our new collection, and forge new relationships with partners who will play an integral role in the day to day running of Such Great Heights in the USA. 

    We are so grateful to be here with our girls, celebrating the vibrance of the city, and its fascinating history and architecture with them. When the relentlessness of the city and its pace wears us out, we take to upstate NY, where the rolling hills and forests are welcoming and the air is pure. 

    Here's a little photo montage to look back at our time in New York City and New York state in Spring. Let's see what summer has in store for us next...

    Pictures from top:
    - The incredible pool in the YMCA on the Upper East Side, adorned with tiles donated by the King of Spain in the 1920s.
    -Finding a children's utopia in Central Park... mega playground.
    - A day trip to the gorgeous town of Cold Spring, upstate New York. If anyone is looking for a great spot to stay 1 hour from the big smoke that is beautiful, quaint, community oriented, with just a sprinkling of hip, this is the place for you.
    - Exploring the lakes of upstate New York, and soaking up the Spring sun.
    - Appreciating the vista of the Hudson Valley, NY.
    - The green spaces in NYC are marvellous in the Spring. First, Union Square.
    - Then Spring in Central Park. Beeeeeeeyond beautiful blossoms and tulips as far as the eyes can see. Celebrating a little lady's 7th birthday at the Central Park Zoo, and taking our new Carnevale girl's dress for a spin. 



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