• 29.10.15 // The best of the boat

    It seems as though life has been whizzing past at the speed of light lately. Since we arrived back in Australia we've been immersed in reuniting with friends and family and gratefully sinking back into our everyday 'home' routine. So comfortable and reassuringly familiar; coming home after a long trip away is a bit like slipping into your favourite pair of pjs at the end of the day... ahhh, yes. Lovely. 

    And yet, just thinking of our adventures abroad earlier this year is enough to make my heart start to race, my feet start to itch, and my mind flood with a million incredible memories. Travelling for 6 months with our young family was without a shadow of doubt, the most incredible experience we've ever had. We stepped off the daily treadmill, escaped the rat race, and took off across the world. If someone had told us 5 years ago that we would be spending the best part of 2015 sailing over the ocean to live and work in America, we would have never believed them. The four of us were like sponges, soaking up the rich new sights and sounds, breathing in the new cultures and savouring new friendships. The experience has shaped us all as people, and for it we have a sense of extreme fortune. A gift we will never take for granted. 

    Now that we are home, I've been looking back over our photos, searching for a favourite image to have blown up as an artwork to hang on our wall so we can remember it everyday. And I keep being distracted by these shots of the boat trip, our honeymoon. We sailed from Sydney to San Francisco for 24 days on a cruise ship called the Aurora. It was absolutely sublime! It was like being on a floating hotel, with ever changing scenery as we slipped through the Pacific Ocean. We'll never forget the excitement of drawing the curtains every morning to see what the sea & sky brought that day. It was magic. And unlike any holiday we've ever had with our young children, it was one which was truly relaxing. No meals to prepare, no housework to keep up, no rushing to bus stops/train stations/airports. Oh, and Kids Club... hellooooo Kids Club.  The energetic, professional women in the Kids Club drew our girls in each day with a range of diverse activities and engaging resources. Leaving us free to lie poolside, watch films, talk to fellow passengers, plan the day excursions, read in the Crows Nest library, have a hit of tennis, listen to live music, and nap. Heaven!

    The boat really was majestic. If you get a chance to plan a spontaneous family holiday sometime, we'd highly recommend boarding a cruise ship.

    Here is a few of our favourite snaps.

    Ryan & Jo xx

     1 & 2. Boarding in Sydney Harbour  3. Cruising into Milford Sound, New Zealand  4. The view from our porthole 5. The stunningly picturesque french town, Akaroa New Zealand 6. Pago Pago, Samoa 7. The beautiful underbelly of the ship 8, 9, & 10. Swims in all of the pools 11. Silky smooth Oak decking, where we would 'walk a mile' each morning 12. Having a hit of tennis in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, pretty sweet 13, 14, & 15. Spectacular sunsets


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