• 18.06.17 // Reflecting on 5 years of Such Great Heights

    Here we are, finally getting a chance to fill you in on what has been happening in the world of Such Great Heights!  

    If you have been following our journey for a while, you will know that in 2015 we travelled by ship to the USA with our two young girls to spend 6 glorious months working and living in New York. This was the most incredible experience; our children developed an appreciation of how big the world is, and we explored the realms of what is possible for our brand. 

    The bright lights of the big city had an impact on us in many ways. Most importantly, it shone a light on exactly what is important to us, both personally and professionally.
    We even made a list...

    * Creating products that inspire children to engage in rich, imaginary play
    * Making only high quality pieces from natural materials that people truly value and will last a lifetime
    * Working ethically with artisans in Australia and the USA, who are masters of their craft
    * Collaborating with artists and makers whose work brings an exciting element to our brand
    * Surrounding ourselves with clever, dynamic, interesting people who can teach us many things 
    * Weaving the threads of our adventurous spirit into our work  
    * Creating our own life story and making brave choices. You only live once! 

      Since then, we have begun a new and wonderful partnership with a brilliant community workshop, from a small South Australian coastal town, to produce our stunning Nostalgia Collection of Timber Toys. Psst, keep your eyes peeled for an amazing new addition to the Nostalgia Collection, coming soon! 

      And... in 2016, Ryan accepted an amazing opportunity to work with The Finders Keepers Markets from their Byron Bay headquarters. In the Finders Keepers we've found a group of inspiring, like minded entrepreneurial spirits who are as passionate about independent design as we are! It has afforded us the chance to embark on another adventure, move the family to a breathtaking part of the world to work alongside other creatives and business owners, all whilst continuing to design and create new pieces for Such Great Heights.

      And there we have it, on the eve of our 5th anniversary of Such Great Heights. 

      Here's cheers to the next 5 years, may they be just as fruitful and adventurous! 

      Ryan and Jo xx
      Such Great Heights - Byron Bay
      Such Great Heights - Byron Bay 2
      Such Great Heights - Byron Bay
      Such Great Heights - Byron Bay
      Such Great Heights Byron Bay
      Such Great Heights Byron Bay
      Such Great Heights Byron Bay
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